weak password

weak password
слабый (легко раскрываемый) пароль

Англо-русский словарь по компьютерной безопасности. . 2011.

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  • weak password —    A password that is easy to guess, such as an English word, any reference to Star Trek or Star Wars, or a word or number that relates to the user, such as the name of a family member or a birth date.    See also password; strong password …   Dictionary of networking

  • Password authentication protocol — A password authentication protocol (PAP) is an authentication protocol that uses a password. PAP is used by Point to Point Protocol to validate users before allowing them access to server resources. Almost all network operating system remote… …   Wikipedia

  • Password strength — is a measurement of the effectiveness of a password as an authentication credential. Specifically, it estimates how many trials an attacker who does not have direct access to the password would need, on average, to correctly guess it. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Password cracking — is the process of recovering passwords from data that has been stored in or transmitted by a computer system. A common approach is to repeatedly try guesses for the password. The purpose of password cracking might be to help a user recover a… …   Wikipedia

  • Password — For other uses, see Password (disambiguation). A password is a secret word or string of characters that is used for authentication, to prove identity or gain access to a resource (example: an access code is a type of password). The password… …   Wikipedia

  • Password policy — A password policy is a set of rules designed to enhance computer security by encouraging users to employ strong passwords and use them properly. A password policy is often part of an organization s official regulations and may be taught as part… …   Wikipedia

  • Password manager — A password manager is software that helps a user organize passwords and PIN codes. The software typically has a local database or a file that holds the encrypted password data for secure logon onto computers, networks, web sites and application… …   Wikipedia

  • Password-authenticated key agreement — In cryptography, a password authenticated key agreement method is an interactive method for two or more parties to establish cryptographic keys based on one or more party s knowledge of a password. Contents 1 Types 2 Brief history 3 See also …   Wikipedia

  • weak — adjective /wiːk/ a) Lacking in force (usually strength) or ability. The child was too weak to move the boulder. b) Dilute, lacking in taste or potency. They easily guessed his weak computer password. Syn …   Wiktionary

  • strong password —    A password that is specifically designed to be difficult to guess. Strong passwords are always more than 10 characters and always include punctuation characters and numbers.    See also password; weak password …   Dictionary of networking

  • Static password — A static password is a password that does not change, or is rarely altered. Static passwords are also called weak authentication. Example Your password to access your computer is by default a static password. See also *Strong authentication… …   Wikipedia